Why you keep gaining the weight back, and some! 

Why is it so hard? 

What you don’t realize, is that your hunger and energy use is controlled by your brain. Specifically your hypothalamus. 

The hypothalamus controls the energy output in your body. It’s like a thermostat. Which, in a sense, it controls how much you should weigh. There is a set point or range. That range can be anywhere from 10-15lbs. 

Now before you take this as an easy way out of improving your health and concluding this is how I am supposed to be, keep reading. 

What drives your range is your lifestyle choices. If your lifestyle is fashioned in a way that causes you to increase your body fat thus increase your weight and you carry that weight for an extended period of time (5+ years), your hypothalamus will have regulated it’s former energy output/input to the new size. 

So, when you go on a crash diet, your brain will always push you back to the starting weight. Simply because it was shocking, per se. Like, your brain thinks there is something wrong. Your brain, hypothalamus, reacts as if you were starving. Regardless if you are 50, 100 or whatever pounds overweight. 

It is important to take your time in losing the weight so your hypothalamus can adjust to the new weight. So, to drop 2+ pounds a week is setting yourself up for mental torcher because you want 2+ pounds per week but your brain will ALWAYS try to push your body back to what it thinks is normal. And in essence, you excess weight that you carried for 5+ years, is normal. 

There are no smart choices, per se. You have to eat in a controlled manner, i.e., a meal plan. 

The meal plan will ensure that you are getting EXACTLY what you need to bring your weight down and once it’s down, the plan will keep you there. 

Yes, you always have to eat in a controlled manner. The moment you step off that plan, your brain will ALWAYS push you into a binge. And that binge could last as long as it takes for your body to get back to the old norm. 

I am sure this sounds familiar to many if not all of you. 

Sorry but not sorry to be the bearer of this news but you cannot go back to eating the foods highly saturated with sugars, salts, and fats. 

You can take control of your health if you change your lifestyle. Move more, drink water, exclude the processed foods (in all forms), eat natural foods, get more rest and pay attention to the signals from your body. 

Diets don’t work, a lifestyle change works. Diets cause collateral damage, i.e.,  

Author : Kurt Dixon