I felt very assured from my first interaction with Body refined that I was working with someone who took their work seriously and was passionate about helping me improve my health through lifestyle choices, and not cookie cutter dieting or insane gym circuits. I’ve felt at ease in the process of working with BRI And extremely satisfied with the results I’ve achieved. I’ve learned that the process of improving my health and lowering my body fat did not have to be torturous and have gained an understanding of what is needed to be healthy long term. Very happy with my experience!


Member Since 2013

Working with Body Refined as truly been life changing. I have learned so much about living a healthy lifestyle and I feel the best I have ever felt in my life!


Member Since 2018

The Body Refined program has been life changing. I’m healthier, less stressed, look younger and feel younger! I would recommend this program to anyone who is REALLY ready to make a change. You won’t be disappointed.


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I love working with Kurt. His extensive knowledge and his willingness to share his wisdom has helped me with my self-confidence and lifetime transformation.


Member Since 2017

A very good friend introduced me to Body Refined. Working with Kurt and Body Refined has changed my life. Now that I eat and sleep better, I can approach my day energized. Kurt has provided me with tools and strategies to manage and cope with stress and organize my life. I am so grateful!!


Member Since 2018

With Total Body Refined my weight, energy, cholesterol, blood pressure, A1C levels, and sleep are the best they have been since college. During my last physical, my doctor walked in and gave me a fist bump and high five after he viewed my check in sheet!!! No more fast food and I promise you I still eat good!!!


Member Since 2017

I have learned so much working with Body Refined! I feel better overall and approach each day with much less stress using the education provided. Definitely life changing!


Member Since 2018

Before Kurt, I thought wearing the word “busy” was a badge of honor. But in reality, I didn’t realize how all my busyness was keeping me super unhealthy. I think it was easy for me to overlook the lack of sleep I was getting or the food I was eating because I was so young. But Kurt made me realize that if I didn’t change my habits now, I would only permit me from growing into the woman I knew I could be. Through Kurt’s accountability, although sometimes uncomfortable, I’ve learned to prioritize my health. I’m more rested. I’m less stressed. I’m more wise about my time management. Because I learned to first prioritize my health, I have seen more success in my work, my nonprofits and other relationships. He taught me to be smarter, not just work harder. For that I am truly thankful.


Member Since 2017

My experience with Body Refined has been life-changing… Consistently learning new things about my mindset, my environment and my overall health and well being.


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Kurt is well informed and has been very supportive thus far. He is my new best friend! I feel as though all of my questions are answered in a fairly timely manner and the accountability measures are a nice touch to ensure success.


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