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Lifestyle Management

The Signature Program

Lifestyle Management consulting is centered around establishing habits that will help you adjust your lifestyle, which in turn will promote health & wellness and prevent any potential ailments from developing or eliminate some ailments that you may currently have. 

The signature service, the Lifestyle Transformation program, has a long-term focus to ensure you continue the new healthy habits well beyond your time with Body Refined. The individualized plan comes with continuous guidance to help you develop healthier habits while providing ongoing feedback and monitoring to ensure a steady improvement in your health

Fully Comprehensive 

The Lifestyle Transformation program is fully comprehensive to enable each client to achieve success. The program includes nutrition plans designed for the individual and exercise regimens created with your current level of health in mind while making the necessary changes for progressive improvements. Most importantly, each client receives weekly (up to three times per week) assurance telephone or video calls to assist you with making the necessary behavior modifications to stay the course. 

Unless prescribed by your primary physician, Body Refined does not recommend or encourage supplementation or surgery to achieve what you can do naturally. 

  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Activity & Sleep Analysis
  • Lifestyle Support
  • Exercise Programming

The Reality of Long-Term Heath is All in the Habits 

The Lifestyle Transformation program will help you adopt better habits and remind you of the new skills you will learn week after week through the weekly assurance meetings, impromptu calls and other communication channels to evaluate your individual needs. 

You will learn cognitive behavior principles of planning what to eat and when to eat for a given day based on your life schedule, while also teaching you how to arrange your environment to support your new found healthy habits and implementing tactics when you are in high-risk or high-pressure situations.

Weight-loss is Not the Goal, it is Self-Awareness 

The biggest behavior strategy Body Refined will help you with is self-awareness or being conscious about your habits, i.e., daily movement, contents of food, and exercise. You will keep a food diary, monitor girth measurements, weight and activity to help you get a better understanding of how your own body reacts to your habits. Weight-loss is not the goal; it is self-awareness regarding the impact of your habits on your overall health. 

The Lifestyle Transformation program will help identify and modify the behaviors that create the urge or stimulus causing you to engage in the unhealthy habits. This will help you prevent the continuous lapse you currently experience. Each person has their own barriers or challenges they face daily at home, while out, at work or traveling. Body Refined will help craft customized solutions to each challenge you are experiencing.

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Tools & Accountability Measures that are vital to your success

Activity & Sleep Monitor

When it comes to reaching an optimal level of health & wellness, steps are just the beginning. Oura Ring tracks every part of your day to help you find your fit, stay motivated.

Body Weight WiFi / Bluetooth Scale
Weighing in regularly and tracking multiple health metrics—not just weight—is the best way to stay accountable. The Bluetooth Smart Scale is designed to make your check-ins easier, conveniently collected via Bluetooth or wifi and then shared with me automatically.
Meal Management Bag

Meal management is a commitment. The time you spend planning and prepping your meals in the kitchen deserves the right type of bag to carry your food throughout your busy day.

Body Weight Travel Scale

It is safe & portable so you can continue your scheduled check-ins when traveling no matter where you go.

Mobile App

Using secured messaging, you can see & schedule upcoming appointments, check your meal plan with recipes, measurements and goals, and get notifications of meal times and appointments.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Weighing your food lets you know exactly how much you’re eating and ensures you are eating to plan. Additionally, using a food scale will help you learn what common serving sizes look like, making it easier to eyeball portions when you’re out and about.

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