Five Simple Behaviors to Staying Mentally, Emotionally and Physically Healthy While at Home


  1.       Adequate, Peaceful Sleep
  2.       Proper Hydration
  3.       Less Sedentary
  4.       Balanced Diet
  5.       Moderate Exercise

 These are the 5 principles (in-order) emphasized with Body Refined as part of the Lifestyle Management program.

During a pandemic like COVID-19, these actions are especially crucial for maintaining your mental, emotional and physical health.

The following guide should help you to get in the necessary exercise, eat right, stay active, hydrate properly and sleep well. 


You shouldn’t be going to the gym ( the gyms should be closed),  but you can go for a walk, jog or ride your bike. Make sure that you keep a safe distance from others, no less than six feet. 


If you are working out at home, there are several gyms, studios, and fitness instructors that are offering virtual classes. Many videos show  you very creative ways to make up for the equipment you may not have. Everyday items such as cans, bottles, and jugs for weights, towels for pull-resistance and chairs for step-ups will help you work out safely from home.

There are a multitude of body-weight exercises, like squats, burpees, sit-ups, planks, push-ups  that you can do at home. Choose a few (5-8) body weight exercises and either perform 3 to 5 sets of 15-20 Reps or 3 to 5 sets of 30 seconds of work.

Time? You have it now and take GREAT comfort in knowing that exercise reduces the risk of premature death and boosts your immune system. So, any and all forms of exercise, including cleaning, is beneficial to your overall health.



First and foremost, you need to have a nutritional plan before you stock up on groceries. This will ensure you pick up the right foods versus panic buying foods you can’t do much with. Worse yet, buying processed/junk food that does not have any nutritional value to support a strong immune system.

To start, take an inventory of what you have in your pantry and freezer, then try to create a food  plan around what you have in stock. The goal is to have a balanced intake based on YOUR individual caloric requirements: 20% Protein, 50% Carbohydrates and 30% fats.

An imbalanced diet such as Keto or Paleo, is not an ideal macronutrient ratio.

Use MyFitnessPal or any other nutritional tracking app to build and track your nutritional intake to ensure you have a balanced diet.

Grains and canned goods are good options, but it should not be your primary option right now. This is a great time to buy fresh produce. Yes, fresh produce.

Buy fruits and vegetables, cut them up and freeze them because they can last for several months. Whereas meats will only stay “safe” in your freezer for 2-3 months before they start building up the very same bacteria it would if it was in the refrigerator.


While at the market, look for fresh broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, onions, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, green beans, spinach, kale, collards, corn, berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries), peaches, pineapples, bananas, mango, apples, and so much more.

If the fresh produce is not available, then let frozen or canned fruits and vegetables be your second choice. Just be sure that these goods are low in saturated fats, salt and added sugars.

As far as dry goods look for oatmeal, whole grain cereals, dry lentils and dry beans.

Additionally, stock up on vegetable stock and broths and if that is not available, get “Better than Bouillon” vegetable broth. This broth can easily mix with water for an even richer stock base.

All the above can be used to make soups and stew with lots of body to feel full, loaded with the essential nutrients for a strong immune system.


If you are working from home, you may find yourself in front of your computer/laptop more than you would be at the office. Therefore, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up and move every 50 minutes to every 2 hours. 

You don’t necessarily have to “Get Steps” as some of these older Fitness monitors have done. But you want to stretch your arms and legs by doing some ballistic movements, like arm swings, overheard stretches, toe touches and so many more basic movements.

We want to keep the blood flowing thus keeping your base metabolic rate at level versus the natural slow down that will occur as a result of being sedentary for longer than 50 minutes to two hours.

If you are not required to stay online for your job, use this opportunity to re-organize a closet, the kitchen,  or the garage to declutter your surroundings. Thus, fewer things to touch!

With that said, during these times, there can never be too much cleaning.

Get in the habit of cleaning the high touch objects/surfaces in your homes  such as doorknobs, banisters/railings, faucets, and kitchen/dining chairs.

Additionally, washing the towels frequently and washing your clothes worn outdoors immediately will also keep you from being sedentary. It is important to still take a shower daily.


Hydration is more than just drinking water but drinking the water properly. Most people are drinking water every hour on the hour finishing anywhere from 12-16oz in one session. Others are drinking as much as a gallon or more water for the day.

All the while going to the bathroom more frequently than less, dispensing all the water a person has consumed. In other words, the body has more water than it needs or can utilize in the moment.

Our bodies need hydration like a car needs oil. The oil circulates constantly to ensure all the working parts can move without a hitch. We need to view water the same way for our body.


Therefore, sip water throughout the day. 2-3 ounces (3-4 ounces if you are an above sized person) every 20 to 30 minutes. This allows your body to utilize the water versus having to dispense it because it’s too much for proper utilization.

Additionally, don’t feel the need to go buy bottled water. At least not currently. If you have a water dispenser on your refrigerator, that’s filtered water! Furthermore, we use that same water from the faucet when we are cooking, so why is bottled water better? It’s not. Save your money and buy a water filter for your kitchen faucet or use the water dispenser on the refrigerator.


What is quality sleep? Quality sleep is a consistent bedtime and wake up time of a continuous 7 ½ hours of sleep that includes 15-20% REM and 15-20% deep sleep.

Sounds like a lot, huh? Yes, but it’s easier to achieve than you realize. At this time it may be the best especially since you might be forced to stay indoors.

It starts with managing your day to minimize stressful and anxiety filled activities.

Schedule a yoga or meditation session for at least 15 minutes, twice a day. Do it first thing in the morning and once again in the afternoon. Just be sure to do this in a quiet part of the house (limited technology), away from everyone else in the house. Check YouTube, Calm, Moment or other great apps that you can find instructor led yoga or meditation sessions to listen to or watch.


Secondly, limit your exposure to the media and this chaos because it will lead to or add to your anxiety. Setting aside time in a quiet space to meditate (reflect, pray, etc) will help to keep you calm.

Do not use the same space to do your work or exercise. The mental association is stronger than you realize.

Finally, limit your social interaction on the telephone and video. Rightfully so, everyone will want to talk about the chaos, personal problems and future issues. Stay in the here & now to manage your own happenings. You do not need the negative energy from others.

All of the prior suggestions mentioned while cutting out all technology at least an hour prior to your scheduled bedtime can assist you to easily drift off to a peaceful night’s rest.

You will thank yourself in the morning.

These practices eliminate the need for OTC melatonin, magnesium and other popular supplements to sedate yourself to sleep.

So, allow sleep to be the recharge station it was meant to be by implementing the above practices.


The COVID-19 virus is only life threatening when your immune system is compromised.

By following the prior mentioned practices, you can take comfort in that your immune system will improve significantly.  At Body Refined, the Lifestyle Management program will help you make a sound life plan that will work with your existing lifestyle while you work to achieve optimal mental, emotional and physical health.

The benefits of having a Lifestyle Management Membership are countless. See what current members are saying then Schedule a Pre-Screening / Exploratory call today, calling (844) 899-4846 or by emailing

Author : Kurt Dixon