Diabetes Technology To Keep An Eye Out For In 2020

Despite our deep awareness of the disease state and our efforts to stave it off, diabetes doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. As of 2015, the CDC estimates that more than 100 million Americans are living with either diabetes or prediabetes (of these, 30.3 million currently have the disease). Most Americans either are someone or know someone battling this unpleasant disease. But the good news is that with its widespread prevalence tech industries are taking notice, and are stepping up to the plate with the latest and greatest technologies to help people with their diabetes management. The future looks bright for those who are currently struggling; here are a handful of the big diabetes technologies to keep an eye out for in 2020.

Slicker CGMs: the Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitor

Dexcom already has a stellar no-finger-stick CGM, the G6. But in 2020 they are unveiling the G7. The Dexcom G7 will offer even easier insertion than the G6, a disposable transmitter, and a smaller sensor with extended life. Users of the G6 should be comforted: the G7 makes no algorithmic changes, nor any changes to the user’s app experience. This smart CGM system simply takes the best aspects of the G6 and streamlines them. Users can monitor glucose numbers continuously with a quick glance at their smart device (the G7 is compatible with most) in the same effortless way that they’ve come to expect from the G6, without the unpleasant finger sticks or the need for calibration.

Automated dosing in a tubeless pump: an upgraded Omnipod Horizon

The Omnipod Horizon is – to date – the only tubeless insulin pump available on the market and is thus highly popular. But in 2020 this slick pump will do more than just suggest doses; the new and improved Omnipod Horizon will now auto-deliver adjusted doses as needed with the click of a button. What’s most exciting about the Omnipod Horizon is its prospective use: the system has already been successfully tested among children with Type 1 diabetes and has proven highly effective and wildly popular, especially among parents who appreciate the tubeless, automated dosing. Fears of a pump getting jostled or lost during boisterous play on the playground are gone (so parents, rejoice!).

Powerful interoperability: Tandem’s Control IQ

The new Tandem Control IQ controller device represents a significant breakthrough. It is the only device with FDA approval that is completely interoperable, working with most brand-name insulin pumps. As long as insulin pumps and CGMs are compatible, the controller closes the loop by delivering adjustable insulin doses automatically. It’s also the only commercially-available system of its kind to deliver correction boluses for those with high blood sugar. In a sense, users can combine the interoperable CGMs and insulin pumps they already use with the Tandem Control IQ to create their own artificial pancreas. It’s the ideal closed-loop system that doesn’t ask users to trade out their existing tech (so it’s both an effective and efficient automated insulin-delivery solution); a real win-win.

More smart insulin pen options: Novo Nordisk and Lilly

The smart insulin pen is not new; InPen from Companion Medical paved the way with their blue-tooth, smartphone-compatible insulin pen that made dosage tracking and recommendations a breeze. But now they’re not alone. Both Lilly and Novo Nordisk are unveiling their own smart pens that communicate with their branded, closed-loop systems and several other big-name CGM systems (The NovoPen will work with Dexcom’s G6 CGM and the Freestyle Libre, to name a few). Analysts predict that these smart devices (which are already quite popular in Europe) will start making waves in the US as insurers are likely to prefer them over more expensive insulin pumps.

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Author : Kurt Dixon