Body Refined Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Body Refined Members & Prospective Members,

Over the past two-decades this world has thrived through multiple challenges, including 9/11, the housing crash, terrorist attacks, natural disasters – but no living person has ever seen anything like this or they were too young to remember the experience. No one could have imagined this new virus would be THE 100-year virus that would threaten our livelihood, our own life and loved ones.

Around the world, large and small businesses are dealing with severe impacts of COVID-19, and the individuals that rely on the business to financially support their lives. At this time the stakes are incredibly high for every person and entity. As a Health & Wellness practice devoted to serving you, this means my future is also threatened, as well as my life and livelihood. 

Even in this dire situation, there is much I can and will do to help you weather this storm. The worst-case scenario is not the loss of my practice, Body Refined. COVID-19 is a serious disease for people of all walks of life – no one is immune to this virus. As a wellness practitioner it is vital that I walk the talk of my profession, and do the right thing to support my community, loved ones and myself.

What Body Refined is doing to help you:

  1.       Maintaining a thorough, optimal level of support

Body Refined has become a vital part of the lives of current members and I am dedicated to working extended hours to maintain the highest level of reliability. This crisis may have us all confined in worried isolation for quite some time, but it will come to an end. For this reason, I will be more supportive than ever to ensure current and prospective members are in the best position to maintain or improve their mental, emotional and physical health.

  1.       Providing support upgrades free of charge during the 2nd Quarter (April-June)

Body Refined has been very active over the last year implementing new practices, services and tools. All of which are designed to improve the member experience while simplifying the management of the Body Refined practice. Therefore, one productive, healthy way to spend this forced down time is to schedule time with me to dive into the lifestyle data we talk about so often.This will allow you to get a better understanding to allow us to implement some strategies for lasting changes to our habits that will support continued, sustained health. Foundation Members will have access to the Exclusive Member services at no additional cost in 2nd Quarter (April-June). If your region/state has not emerged from the Shelter-In-Place by then, I will extend the Exclusive services into the third quarter, so you have ample time to decide if the Exclusive Member services are beneficial.

  1.       Suspending Price increases for affected members and prospective members

Months ago, I started a moderate price increase for most of the services  through the end of 2020. The world has changed. In respect to everything you are going through, all Body Refined price increases are off the table for the remainder of the year.

  1.       Monthly and One-Time Fee relief for current and prospective Foundation and Exclusive Memberships

I am devoted to the Body Refined members and I would love to be able to give my services free of charge for the duration of this crisis. Unfortunately, doing so would prevent me from continuing to provide the best tools and support, and would reduce my ability to support you after the crisis lifts. For prospective members, I have lowered the Lifestyle Management membership rates by 20%, nearly 50% reduction on the Start-Up & On-Boarding fee plus the first month free (Discount Applied Once Added to Your Cart). A similar discount has been applied to the cost of the full 6, 12 or 18 month rate.

For current members, if you have been severely impacted by this crisis and you have experienced a job loss, I will work with you as you commit to a new agreement at a lower rate. Please don’t let the membership fee impede any wellness progress. My personal ask is that you seek this relief only if you are seriously impacted and if the savings truly makes a difference to you. I have also been seriously impacted by this crisis, and I want to reserve this help for those truly in need. To learn more about this relief, please call or send a message via the client messaging portal in Nutrium.

  1.       Increasing my hours of availability

The robust, insightful apps/tools (MINDBODY, Nutrium, Oura & Training Peaks) is available to all current members, 24/7. In addition, I am sending timely and relevant COVID-19 related topics to current members in the patient-client portal (Nutrium) and posting on the website for prospective members. Additionally, my real-time support hours will change to Monday thru Friday to 8AM to 6PM and Saturday 8AM to 12 Noon.

In closing, none of us can predict when this crisis will end and what state this economy will be in when it does. But I do know, current members know this as well, that wellness is not a fad nor a luxury. For this reason, I am confident Body Refined will and can be an important part of your life. This crisis has reminded us all of the importance of establishing & maintaining good mental, emotional and physical health.

If you have any questions, send me a message to or sign-up today to take advantage of the super low prices. The discounted prices for the Exclusive & Foundation memberships will reflect in the cart once selected. If you are not sure, schedule a Pre-Screening / Exploratory call at no charge by using the Promo Code: SPRING2020

Author : Kurt Dixon