Black History Month is also Heart Health Month!

Black History Month is also Heart Health Month!

So, while we celebrate Black History, let’s be especially cognizant of your heart health!

Did you know that 49% of African American women, ages 20 and older, have coronary heart disease? Only 36% of African American women are aware that heart disease is their greatest health risk. And of that 36%, only half them know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, and obesity are very prevalent among African-Americans and are major risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Additionally, African-American women have almost two times the risk of stroke than Caucasians, and more likely to die at an earlier age when compared to women of other ethnicities.

80% of African women are overweight or obese and because of that, the chances of a heart attack or stroke, doubles!

These risk factors contribute to heart disease or make it worse. But know that most of these risk factors can be controlled or eliminated.

All it takes is lifestyle changes in your nutritional intake, daily movement, sleeping habits and ability to reduce your daily stressors.

The Lifestyle Transformation is Body Refined’s signature program.

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So, let’s make some changes in our lifestyle so you can continue building on this great black history by joining Body Refined.

Author : Kurt Dixon