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6 Tips to Stick to Your Fitness Goals This Year

2020 derailed the fitness goals of millions of Americans, but 2021 is your chance to get back on track and get started on the path to health again. Unlike past years where the month of January began with packed gyms, COVID-19 requires us all to adapt to stay on track. How can you stick to your fitness goals this year and end the year proud of all that you have accomplished?

1.     Don’t Rush

First, you should take your journey one day at a time. You will inevitably fail or lose steam at some point in the process, so give yourself grace and remember that your fitness journey is not going to be a straight line. The most important thing when you want to stick to your fitness goals is remembering consistency. Too many of us succeed for two weeks and then have one bad day that takes us off of the path. If you can even stick to your fitness goals 75% of the time and are only off track 25% of the time, you will experience massive progress.

2.     Be Realistic

When you set your fitness goals, think first about where you are now. It’s easy to say that you want to run a marathon in 4 months, but is that realistic for where you currently are on your fitness journey? Instead of shooting for one big goal in that situation, it might be more realistic to complete a smaller program and work your way up to bigger accomplishments. You can always make your goals bigger as the year progresses, but it can be hard to stick to your fitness goals when you aim too high and get discouraged.

3.     Switch Things Up

Do you get bored when you are stuck in the same routine week after week? You might have a hard time when you try to stick to your fitness goals if you force yourself to do the same workout or routine every day. Experiment with other things that you like. Mix up your routine between kettle bells, dance, pilates, spin, cycling and other activities. Body Refined can help you to find your ideal workout routine that motivates you, lets you have fun and also helps you to reach your body goals.

4.     Set Yourself Up for Success

If you like to work out in the morning, one of the best ways to stick to your fitness goals is setting out your shoes and clothes the night before. This helps to remind you when you wake up of what your first goal is. Even if you work out in the afternoon or evening, getting dressed in a pair of sneakers and your exercise attire can help you to remember that you need to finish your workout before the day is done. The more excuses that you can eliminate from your daily routine, the higher that your chances are to stick to your fitness goals.

5.     Enjoy the Journey

Your health journey is one of the most fulfilling paths that you will walk on over the course of your life. Through working out and caring for yourself, you will learn more than you ever thought possible. Whether you struggle with perseverance or have had trouble in the past sticking to your goals for extended periods of time, doing so once can help you to transfer the skills you learned exercising to other parts of your life for even more success.

6.     Pick the Right Partners

Do you have support for your fitness journey? Body Refined is here to help you stick to your fitness goals in 2021. Our innovative lifestyle management program takes a bigger picture look at your health to make sure that you are the best version of yourself. We can help you to set goals that you are excited to achieve and equip you with the necessary tools to do so. We can work directly with you to form your sustainable health goals, workout plan or help with your other health needs. 2021 is your year!

Stick to Your Fitness Goals with Help from Body Refined

Our Lifestyle Management program focuses on improving your integrative health. From boosting your immunity to helping you when creating sustainable health goals in 2021, we can apply several methods to improve your quality of life.

If you need help getting back on track or starting the new year off on the right foot, we are here to help. Call Body Refined today at (844) 899-4846 or ask Skylar, the Body Refined bot, by clicking the message bubble to the bottom right corner of your screen to schedule a consultation to discuss creating sustainable health goals, and we’ll suggest the right program for you.

Author : Kurt Dixon